Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance For Resturants

Anyone whoowns a catering company, bar, or any type of restaurant is well aware that the dangers associated with the job appear around every corner. Someone could fall due to the floor being wet, get hurt carrying around supplies, or get burned by a misbehaving fryer–and those are only a few of the most common injuries! Due to the high potential for injury in this industry, it is imperative that these types of businesses carry workers comp insurance.

What Workers’ Comp Insurance Covers For Restaurants

When someone files a worker’s comp claim, they are seeking help with a few expenses. These might include:

  • Lost Wages -The income the worker would have been earning, had he or she not been injured.
  • Court Expenses -The costs of defending the claim of the injured employee.
  • Medical Costs -The monetary value of the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of the injury.

A business owner will want this type of insurance to help cover these costs.

The business pays into this type of insurance, so when someone sues them due to an injury they claim happened on the job, your company is able to remain protected.

Restaurant Injuries That Workers’ Comp Insurance Covers

Since everything in the food service industry seems to be a rush, the potential for an injury occurring in the blink of an eye is overwhelming. People have to move at a faster pace in the food business than many other industries, requiring a lot of care.Sometimes, however, even with that care, accidents do happen. Workers’ comp insurance can help in the case of:

  • Cuts from kitchen appliances and knives.
  • Burns from stoves, ovens, and fryers.
  • Slips and falls from walking on wet floors.
  • Injuries caused by broken glasses and plates.
  • Lifting appliances or food supplies and moving them as necessary.
  • Traveling accidents for catering companies.
  • And more!

When someone within the food service industry is injured, your company depends on the coverage offered by your workers’ comp insurance. It can be difficult to make ends meet while trying to recover from an injury, but it is even harder to run a business if you are paying someone who is not able to do any work. If your business is required to carry workers’ comp insurance, then you should turn to us at Restaurant Programs of America, LLC for assistance. We’re the specialists in providing insurance to those in the food service industry. Protect your passion – we can help!