Valet Service and Insurance Claims

Valet Service and Insurance Claims

What you Need to Know about Valet Insurance and Claims

If you are considering valet insurance for your restaurant business, it is important to do your research. Offering valet parking as a service is very useful to your patrons and is a great way to drum up some extra revenue for your business. However, offering a valet service also requires that you have a specific insurance policy to provide coverage for your valet service. Without this coverage, your restaurant business could be held liable for a wide variety of damages, raking up legal fees that could cost you your business. It is simply not worth the risk to go without this extra coverage.


What is Valet Insurance?

Valet insurance is an add-on coverage that protects against any incidents that may occur while your valet staff is handling your patrons’ vehicles. Valet insurance also protects your valet drivers and staff, providing compensation or reimbursements should they need medical care due to an accident on the job. As the owner of your restaurant, you can decide exactly which type of valet insurance coverage you would like to provide. For example, if your valet service is heavily utilized you will want a more comprehensive plan. If you live in a city with a high accident rate, you will also want a more comprehensive plan to appropriately protect your business.


Why is Valet Insurance Necessary?

Valet insurance is necessary because of the nature of valet service. Your valet staff is trusted to care for expensive machinery (your patrons’ vehicles). Between driving cars your staff may have little familiarity with, to parking them in tight and crowded parking lots, accidents sometimes are an unfortunate result. Although thorough vetting of employees and extensive training can help limit these accidents, accidents are a part of life. Valet insurance protects your business should anything from a scratch on the vehicle to a severe car accident occur. It ensures your business is not footing the bill should an accident occur, and it may even reimburse your staff member if he or she sustains an injury in an accident. Without valet insurance, your business could be forced to close its doors due to endless legal fees and damages to customer property while in your care.


How do Valet Insurance Claims Work?

Valet insurance claims are relatively simple and work much like any other insurance. When a patron reports damages caused by the valet, it needs to be brought to the attention of their insurance company and your valet insurance. Those parties will work together to determine which is responsible for what, but your business will most likely be off the hook for any financial damages thanks to the valet insurance policy. Ultimately, valet insurance works a lot like car insurance, except you are able to protect your business and staff when operating and parking multiple cars each day.


Secure Valet Insurance for Your Restaurant

If your restaurant business is considering offering a valet service, be sure to speak with the restaurant insurance professionals at RPA. We are skilled and experienced in helping restaurant owners choose the coverage they need to run a successful business. Our experience in valet insurance will help you decide if this coverage is necessary for your specific establishment and, if so, which level of coverage is most highly recommended. With professionals in all 50 states, RPA is ready to help you secure the restaurant insurance coverage you need. Contact us today to speak with a representative.