Valet Insurance

Restaurant Valet Parking Insurance

Parking spots are few and far between at popular restaurants and hotels, which is why these and other businesses have started to use valet services to make things easier for their guests. These services are convenient, and allow for easy access to your restaurant, but unfortunately, accidents happen. This is where valet insurance from Restaurant Programs of America comes in. This insurance will give you peace of mind when your valet staff takes your customer’s car, rather than fear that you will be hit with a lawsuit due to an accident.

Valet Parking Insurance Coverage For Restaurants

In most parking lots, your valet staff is going to have to deal with cars parked close together, pedestrians, and cars that they have no experience driving. This is fender bender or accident waiting to happen, a recipe for disaster! Without valet insurance, your restaurant could be in store for some pricey lawsuits. Valet insurance protects both your employee and your business in the case of accidents.

What Does Valet Parking Insurance Cover?

RPA will make sure you have a policy that covers any possible incidents that may occur when a valet functions out of your restaurant. These policies may cover injuries to the driver of the car or others if the car happens to hit a pedestrian. Damages that are accumulated from a car hitting another car, or doors banging the side of a car, will all be covered. The valets themselves may injure themselves as well, but your policy can cover any medical expenses or compensation that they are owed because of the accident.

Restaurant Insurance Services

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