Types of Insurance You Need for a Fast Food Restaurant

Types of Insurance You Need for a Fast Food Restaurant

Running a fast food restaurant is different from owning any other type of dining establishment. In fast food restaurants, everything moves fast, and customers expect to get their food quickly and get on with their day. Just like any other dining establishment, however, fast food restaurants need to be properly insured. There are some unique coverages you will need to best protect your fast food restaurant. Read below to determine what you are missing out on.


General Risk Coverage

All fast food restaurants usually require some sort of general risk coverage. General risk coverage is important for protecting assets such as the physical building of your establishment, equipment and different items contained in the common areas of your restaurant. General risk coverage makes certain that if something or someone destroys the physical property of your fast food restaurant, that you will be financially secure to replace it. Without this type of coverage and safety net, a fast food restaurant could easily be forced to close its doors in the event that its property is severely damaged and the owner cannot afford to replace it. When you speak with a restaurant insurance professional, he or she will be able to help you discern which level of general risk coverage is best for your establishment.

Liability Insurance

While general risk coverage will protect your business in the case of physical property damages, liability insurance is highly recommended for protection against business claims brought on by others. There are two types of liability insurance:


  • Product Liability Insurance – Protects you against claims brought on because of something you sell. The most popular example of this is a patron suing because he or she got food poisoning or was burned while eating a meal.


  • Premises Liability Insurance – Protects your business against claims made due to something going awry on your property. For example, a patron slipping and falling within your business or an accident in the drive-through lane on your fast food restaurant’s property.


With the quick pace of the fast food industry, accidents are bound to happen. Liability insurance helps protect your business from the costly lawsuits that will easily result from said mistakes.


Offer Delivery? You Need Auto Insurance for Drivers

Many fast food restaurants offer delivery service to its patrons. If you offer delivery, it is imperative that you secure auto insurance for your delivery drivers. Automobile accidents are extremely common, especially when drivers are feeling rushed to deliver their customers’ meals in a timely fashion. When an accident does occur, your establishment will be on the hook. Without proper coverage for your employee, your business will be solely responsible for some serious charges.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

While mandatory in most states, workers’ compensation insurance is especially important for fast food employees. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your business in the event that an employee gets sick or injured while on the job. With injuries such as burns, slips and falls so commonplace in a fast food kitchen, workers’ compensation coverage allows your employee to get the care he or she needs and prevents legal action from being taken against your business.

Secure Fast Food Restaurant Insurance Today

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