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RPA Services

Every good restaurant insurance companies promises service. But, with more than 40 years of experience insuring restaurants, RPA knows how to deliver outstanding service to restaurants.  Here are some of the areas in which we excel.

  • Because we work only with restaurants, RPA understands your particular needs.  We speak your language.  Good communication is the first step to providing great service.
  • We are a national company with the “clout” to make sure you get what you need quickly; yet our account executives live and work near you, ready to provide in-person attention.
  • Because RPA deals only with one type of business—restaurants—we are able to provide the fastest response time possible.  We don’t have to accommodate all different kinds of businesses with different kinds of exposures.
  • Like other agencies, we have access to claims service offices throughout the country.  But, unlike other agencies, our volume and reputation insuring restaurants guarantees that adjusters in the field handle our clients’ claims quickly and fairly.
  • RPA helps defend against unjust claims brought by others, because paying them can raise your future premiums.  We will also guide you in proactive measures to help prevent claims from happening in the first place, in order to keep your premiums as low as possible.
  • Restaurant Risk Management and Docutrax

These are just a few examples of how RPA takes service beyond the promise. Restaurant Programs page will let you view more on what programs we offer for your location(s).

Restaurant Risk Management