Restaurant Insurance in Oregon

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Restaurant Industry in Oregon

Restaurants are a driving force in Oregon’s economy, building careers for thousands of residents and generating a lot of money. According to the National Restaurant Association, Oregon’s restaurants are projected to earn $7.4 billion in sales and create 190, 100 restaurant and food service jobs this year alone. As a vital role in local communities throughout the state, it’s essential for restaurant owners in Oregon to have the right insurance plan for their business, employees and customers.


For the best insurance plan, you need to work with the right restaurant insurance agency. At Restaurant Programs of America (RPA), we are focused solely on providing you with the best rates and best coverage available on the market for your Oregon restaurant. With over 40 years of experience helping restaurants throughout the United States, we know how to design insurance programs to meet actual threats to your restaurant’s survival.

RPA Insurance Programs in Oregon

Here at RPA, we act as true advisors to our clients. Our team is always on the lookout for better, more cost-effective ways to cover risk exposures for your restaurant. We never sacrifice essential coverage in order to get lower prices – our clients always come first. Whether involving coverage, cost or claims management, our mission is for you to stay focused on your business without having to worry about your coverage.


Regardless of your restaurant’s location, whether you own or lease, or have opened recently or have a long history in Oregon, we can design a cost-effective insurance program to meet your specific needs. We offer the following coverage to restaurants in Oregon:


·       Property Insurance

·       Equipment Breakdown Insurance

·       Business Interruption Insurance

·       General Liability Insurance

·       Liquor Liability Insurance

·       Employment Practices Liability Insurance

·       Worker’s Compensation Insurance

·       Employee Dishonesty Insurance


In addition to this coverage, we also offer insurance to all different types of eating establishments, such as fine dining insurance, family dining insurance, catering insurance, fast food insurance and more.

Request a Quote from RPA

At RPA, we are different than other insurance brokers. We fight for our clients. We’ll work tirelessly to reduce your losses, save you money and be aggressive in the marketplace. Most importantly, we always live up to our promises. Learn how your restaurant in Oregon can benefit from the RPA difference by requesting a quote or giving us a call today: (844)-358-2296.