Restaurant Insurance in Idaho

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Restaurant Industry in Idaho

Idaho isn’t just all about the potatoes. Idaho’s restaurant cuisine boasts farm-fresh products that are hearty, fresh and connected to nature and the land, making the restaurant industry a staple throughout the local communities. However, with great restaurants comes the need for great coverage. Restaurant Programs of America (RPA) is able to provide high quality restaurant insurance that covers all aspects of the restaurant industry in Idaho.

RPA Insurance Programs in Idaho

As the leading provider of property insurance and casualty insurance to restaurants throughout the country, you can rest assured that we’ll take good care of your Idaho restaurant. Having specialized in insuring restaurants for more than 40 years, we know how to overcome the “fine print” traps so that you get the best outcome possible without overspending. Because we only insure restaurants, we have access to the best programs and prices available anywhere, allowing us to obtain the most competitive cost-and-coverage combination for your Idaho business.


No matter what type of restaurant you have, we cover all types of dining establishments. At RPA, we have used our expertise and industry clout to custom design programs for all of the following establishments:

Fine Dining in Idaho

A fine dining establishment in Idaho has special needs and coverage’s that don’t apply to the generic restaurant insurance packages that suit most other establishments. At RPA, our highly skilled team will work with you to ensure that the most vital coverages are written in your fine dining insurance policy. Our team will also ensure that any additional offerings associated with your fine dining establishment are covered and protected under your policy.

Family Dining

Family style restaurants in Idaho have the same needs when it comes to being properly insured. At RPA, we offer a general liability insurance policy to family restaurants that typically includes coverage of the physical location of your restaurant, kitchen equipment, furniture, electronics and décor. Our family dining insurance also covers the exterior of your Idaho restaurant, including your outdoor dining space, signage, landscaping and parking lots.

Fast Food Restaurant Insurance

Did you know the rate of restaurant related incidents is highest among fast food restaurants? If your restaurant in Idaho falls under the fast food category, there are essential coverages that we can provide to protect your establishment against losses and claims.

Franchise Insurance in Idaho

If you own a franchise in Idaho, ensuring that your business has the right franchise insurance for your needs is crucial to the success of your restaurant. Franchise insurance protects yourself, your family, your business, your properties and your employees from unexpected events that may relate to your establishment.

Request a Quote from RPA

From fine dining to fast food, our policies will provide comprehensive coverage that is ready to deal with even the most specific liabilities. We’ll stay with you every step of the way, even when tragedy strikes. Let our national market clout help your restaurant in Idaho by requesting a quote today. Call (844)-321-3728 to get started.