Restaurant Insurance in Florida

Florida is host to some of the best minds in the restaurant and food service industry. The cuisine is as diverse as the people who live there, with fresh menu ideas that both delight customers and drive profits. However, with great restaurants comes the need for great insurance. Restaurant Programs of America (RPA) is able to provide excellent insurance that covers all aspects of the restaurant industry in Florida.

Restaurant Insurance Services in Florida

Every good restaurant insurance company promises first-rate service. With years of experience insuring restaurants, RPA goes beyond their promise and delivers outstanding service to restaurants all over the country. RPA offers a variety of services in Florida:

  • Fine Dining Insurance–Our team of skilled agents will work with you to ensure that the most essential coverages are written in your policy, and that any additional offerings associated with your fine dining establishment are covered and protected under your insurance policy.
  • Family Dining Insurance –This insurance covers the physical location of the restaurant, as well as contents inside, including kitchen equipment, furniture, electronics and décor. This coverage may also include exterior coverage, which covers outdoor dining space, signage, landscaping and parking lots.
  • Franchise Insurance – This insurance protects yourself, your family, your business, your properties, and your employees from unexpected events that are related to your business.
  • Fast Food Insurance – If your restaurant falls under the fast food umbrella, there are essential coverages that RPA can provide to protect your business against losses and claims.

Our team of insurance experts at RPA knows the ins and outs of each type of coverage that a restaurant needs. Because there are so many moving parts in a restaurant, RPA is able to use its experience and expertise in the restaurant industry to custom-design programs for restaurants in Florida of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Restaurant Insurance Meant For You!

From fine dining to family dining or fast food, RPA policies will provide comprehensive coverage that is ready to deal with even the most specific liabilities. Learn more about how RPA can help your restaurant in Florida by requesting a quote today!

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