Restaurant Insurance Services

Restaurant Programs of America is proud to offer such a large range of insurance coverage to dining establishments throughout the country. We understand the fluctuating intricacies of the restaurant industry and want to provide our customers with the highest level of support service. The following list describes the services provided by RPA and our dedicated insurance team.


Auto Insurance for Delivery Drivers

A restaurant that provides opportunities to dine within the comfort of their home must have insurance for their delivery services. This coverage will insure every aspect of the service from employee, transportation to the product being delivered.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance with RPA will provide financial needs in the event your business is unable to operate and generate revenue. This coverage will cover certain costs for a given period of time in the event a business must temporarily close.


Business Insurance

RPA provides business theft coverage for restaurants that experience break-ins, interior damage and stolen property. Ensure your business has a theft policy written into your property insurance with RPA’s business insurance.


BYOB Liquor Liability Insurance

RPA offers restaurants BYOB liquor liability coverage for businesses who can’t or do not wish to obtain a liquor license. If you’re considering moving to a BYOB platform, our BYOB insurance plan will help you understand the protocol and procedures to make sure you’re covered.


Catering Insurance

Our catering insurance covers all general, product, and property damage for restaurants that provide catering services for their customers. Since your restaurant will be in multiple locations for catered parties and events, RPA can help you attain the coverage you need.


Checkroom Theft Insurance

Even though some checkroom laws may vary from state to state, it’s important to know the “innkeeper” laws and liability of your restaurant. Checkroom theft is much more than a coat or jacket being stolen, and RPA is here to help your restaurant improve its reliability and efficiency.


Diner Insurance

Diner insurance with RPA offers a wide range of risk coverage for restaurant owners. Our agents will be happy to seal-proof your establishment to make sure all ends are met.


Employee Dishonesty Insurance

To ensure employee dishonesty stays low – and to cover your business in the event it may occur – RPA wants to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. Our agents will help you safeguard your business and build a lasting relationship with your valuable employees.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Your kitchen is the lifeblood of your restaurant – and without it – your business cannot operate. In the event your equipment breaks or shuts down, RPA offers equipment breakdown insurance so your business can afford to continue service and make the necessary repairs.


Family Dining Insurance

Family style restaurants often need the same level of coverage as the next, and this is why RPA doesn’t discount any business. Our family dining insurance will help your family restaurant with any general or liability coverage needs.


Fast Food Insurance

With the high growth rate of fast food restaurants, insurance and liability coverage must follow suit. RPA’s fast food restaurant insurance will protect the business from claims brought on by others and other general risk coverage of assets.


Fine Dining Insurance

Fine dining restaurants seeking assistance from RPA will not experience the inability to receive coverage due to generic insurance packages that don’t cover all of your business’ needs. Our team is able to provide fine dining restaurant insurance to restaurants in need of highly specified assistance.


Franchise Insurance

RPA offers franchise insurance opportunities for both the franchisee and franchise owner. We want to help you protect your investment and understand what you’re responsible for upholding.


General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is an all-inclusive option to cover a wide range of business risks. Our agents will walk you through what the insurance covers under our comprehensive plans.


Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor laws will vary between state to state, however your restaurant will need liquor liability insurance if alcohol is being consumed. Insurance coverage with RPA will act as a backbone to establishment policies and employee training.


Property Insurance

Property insurance with RPA also covers a wide range of coverage options. We can help your restaurant with commercial and new property coverage, which allows you to determine your properties current or replacement value.


Restaurant Insurance

With over 40 years of experience, RPA has been providing restaurants with specialized insurance coverage to meet their business needs. We’ll help you understand the “fine print” of your contract policies and maintain the overall success of your restaurant is achieved.


Risk Management Coverage

RPA is dedicated to assisting restaurants in any way we can. We offer risk management coverage to provide businesses with long-term support in this fluctuating industry.


Valet Insurance

Many restaurants offer valet service to improve visitor experience. If this level of service is offered, consider valet parking insurance with RPA to avoid the harsh effects in the event of mishandling or an accident.


Workers Comp Insurance

No matter what a job entails, there are always dangers associated with the work place. RPA’s workers’ comp insurance covers lost wages, court, and medical expenses so we can help business owners cover their costs.


Comprehensive Restaurant Coverage with RPA

A restaurant must have several types of insurance coverage to successfully operate and protect themselves against unforeseen scenarios. Restaurant Programs of America is here to help the nation’s restaurants comply with the necessary insurance fundamentals so they can flourish as a business. Please contact RPA today or request a quote if you’d like your business to receive well-communicated service and all-inclusive insurance coverage. For additional information, feel free to view our blog for more industry tips and to learn more about RPA.