What Are The Risks of Valet Parking For Your Restaurant?

What Are The Risks of Valet Parking For Your Restaurant?

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In the most densely populated areas, parking can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, valet parking obviously has enormous appeal in these areas or at large or busy restaurants. If your restaurant is in the middle of a busy city or heavily trafficked area, patrons will appreciate the luxury of having their car parked for them. But with that ease comes some risks, unfortunately. Whether you hire your own drivers or select a valet contracting company, you open your business up to some potential problems. Here, we explore those risks for you as well as the pros and cons to each approach, so you can decide what is the best option for your restaurant.

Taking a DIY Approach to Valet Parking

The benefit of hiring your own drivers is that you take the reins on making sure you hire the best of the best. You can perform background checks, look at driving records and weed out any candidates with a history of speeding tickets or license violations, and also require potential drivers to take drug tests. You can also make sure your drivers possess necessary skills for the job, like knowing how to drive cars with both manual and automatic transmissions. However, the risk of taking a do-it-yourself approach to hiring is you are responsible for your customers’ vehicles. Remember your customers are entrusting their cars to you and expect them to be returned in the same condition as when they dropped them off. Therefore, you need to have insurance coverage in case something goes awry. You need coverage for protection against potential employee hijinks, theft, or any damage that may occur to vehicles while they are in your care.

Hiring Outside Help Via Contracting Service

One of the pros of hiring a contracting service for restaurant valet parking is most of the work is done for you. They take care of the hiring process so you don’t have to think about it. On the other hand, this can be a negative because you are giving up control over who is hired to park cars on your property. Contracting services also take responsibility for their employees and the vehicles they park. However, you still need adequate insurance coverage in case of damages or incidents. Remember that whichever valet company you choose, while not technically affiliated with your business, will be seen by customers as a representation of your business.

Make sure you choose a valet service that prioritizes safety and quality hires. The company should have a strong reputation and no marks against it that could jeopardize your reputation as well. Remember to always do your homework on the valet company you choose to hire. Also, make sure you confirm that they have proof of insurance and contact their insurance carrier to triple check all I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

When in doubt, speak to a professional about the risks and protecting yourself with insurance coverage.

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