Risk Management Coverage

Restaurant Risk Management Coverage

The restaurant industry is not a forgiving one. With nearly 60% of new restaurant ventures failing within the first three years, there are few industries that have as many risks associated with it that can cause a business to fail, and fast. In addition to navigating the risks associated with the restaurant industry, the task of running a successful business that fills tables each and every night still remains at hand. Employees must be managed, equipment must be maintained, and ingredients need to be regularly inventoried. With this much on the line for a restaurant owner, it’s just not plausible to expect them to be able to handle all of those responsibilities at once. At Restaurant Programs of America, our team of restaurant industry professionals help our clients to develop a comprehensive risk management plan that will not only work to reduce incident occurrence, but can also provide savings on the restaurant’s insurance policies.

Risk Management Employee Training

RPA clients are equipped with industry-leading information, resources, and contacts to ensure that there is a plan of action that will be effective for any instance that may arise. Employee training materials, like equipment training, safety procedures, customer service, and alcohol serving regulations, are provided to both new and existing clients. There is no such thing as too much training in a restaurant!

Risk Management Services

When restaurants choose RPA, our team performs a full risk analysis for the business, examining areas such as menu items, licensing, facilities and equipment, local health codes, and security. Once areas of shortcoming are identified, we work together with our client to develop a plan to not only remedy the situation, but improve upon it. Learn more about RPA’s Risk Management services by speaking to a Restaurant Programs of America team member at 844-358-2296.