Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Programs of America has been providing restaurants with specialized insurance coverage for more than 40 years. Our clients trust us to provide the best policies, coverage, and guidance to their business, whether they are just opening their doors for the first time, or if they are a local community staple that has been in business for decades. Every insurance program that we design for a restaurant is designed to meet the actual threats that your restaurant may encounter, and to alleviate the risks associated with these threats.

Insurance Options for Restaurant Owners

Our team of insurance experts at Restaurant Programs of America knows the ins and outs of each type of coverage that a restaurant may need while in operation. Often times, we have new clients come to us explaining that they got “caught” by the fine print in their policy, and ended up having to sustain a financial hit because they didn’t realize what the policy actually entailed. One of the first things that RPA agents aims to do when working on a new policy for a client is to eliminate coinsurance to ensure that if a claim is filed, the business doesn’t get caught not carrying enough insurance. We also look to develop a business interruption policy that will provide your restaurant with coverage caused by power interruptions, storms, fires, or litigation that may cause your business to close temporarily.

Insurance Quotes for Restaurants

Because there are so many moving parts in a restaurant, RPA is able to use its experience and expertise in the restaurant industry to custom-design programs for restaurants of all shapes and sizes. From fine dining to catering, family style or fast food, BYOB to diners, Restaurant Programs of America’s policies will provide comprehensive coverage that is ready to deal with the most specific liabilities you can imagine. Our individual coverages that we provide to restaurant clients can range from general and liquor liability coverage, to workers comp and employee dishonesty insurance.

Our aim is to provide only the coverage that a restaurant needs. This approach can reduce excess spending for the restaurant while ensuring that all assets are protected from every angle in the event of an incident. Learn more about how RPA can help your restaurant save on insurance by visiting our Quote Request page to get started!