Restaurant Employee Training: Faster, Better, and Cheaper Using New Technology

Restaurant employee training to make drinks.

Over the years, effective employee training programs have helped many restaurants around the country raise their game. In addition to cutting down on accidents and worker injuries, training has helped improve employee productivity and retention, and enabled restaurants to earn higher marks in customer satisfaction. Yet, restaurant owners and managers have tried to find ways to conduct training that delivers results with minimal cost or disruption to work routines.

Efficient, Tech-Based Restaurant Employee Training

Today, regardless of a restaurant’s size, geographic location, or scale of operations, a wide range of efficient technology-based training modules can provide solutions that address their unique needs and circumstances. They can be tailored to a restaurant’s employees, delivered in multiple languages, and implemented at affordable costs. New modules give employers the ability to record if and exactly when individual employees complete specific training, as well as what each employee actually learned and retained.

Wide Range of Employee Risk Management Training Modules

Restaurant training programs can cover a wide range of issues related to risk management and performance, including:

  • New employee orientation
  • OSHA compliance and workplace safety
  • Sexual harassment and employment practices liability
  • Customer service
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Responsible alcohol service
  • Preventing workplace accidents

Specially designed training modules can incorporate many elements of a restaurant’s branding, including locations and furnishings, as well as commentary from its executives, managers or personnel.

Tech Aids Restaurant Risk Management

By keeping careful track of loss trends and exposures, in some cases through the use of risk technology, restaurant owners and managers can identify their biggest sources of employee and customer incidents and set priorities for implementing appropriate training. Subsequently, they can track how effectively any training initiative reduces the number and severity of claims overtime and calculate an ROI for the investment. At the same time, any resulting reduction in claims may translate to lower insurance premium costs.

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