Red, White, and Green: How to Increase Sales for Forth of July


While many restaurants will flip the open sign to “closed” for the Fourth of July, there is a huge opportunity for those who stay open to cash in on the nation’s birthday. On a day devoted to America, some good food and cold beer is a very appropriate way to celebrate. Here are a few tips to make the most of the biggest summertime holiday. We recommend beginning the planning process now!


Fourth of July is known as the BBQ holiday, and for good reason. Unless there’s rain, the weather in early July is perfect for outdoor dining all across the nation. Hosts of these BBQs are often inundated with prep, decoration, cooking, and clean up that they don’t often get to enjoy the time with their family and friends. Offering a catering package designed for outdoor BBQs and parties is the perfect solution that allows the hosts to enjoy the gathering, while your restaurant gets to add to its bottom line without even having to take up tables.


Strategic marketing in areas like apartments and condo communities can pay off huge on the Fourth of July. A few days before, drop off menus and specials (if the community/apartment allows it) and capitalize on people who don’t realize until the day of that they don’t want to cook.

Social Media

Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, loads of people will be scrolling through their social media feeds to check out what others are doing to celebrate the holiday. Make sure your business is in front of those eyes as well by promoting specials, a party you’re hosting, drink specials, and posting pics of the festivities from your restaurant or bar. Have some fun with it, and make a “secret code” themed around the Fourth of July that a customer needs to say to redeem the special. Keep track of the customers who redeem your special to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing on holidays, it will be a great benchmark for future holidays and your marketing and sales plans.

Get the Staff Involved

Your staff might not be thrilled to work one of the summer’s best holidays, but as an owner, you need to find ways to motivate the staff to work just as hard on the Fourth of July as they do on a busy Saturday night. Allow your staff to dress as patriotic as possible(appropriate, of course) and have them get in the spirit. If you’ll be running any specials for the day, hold a contest every hour with your staff to see who can sell the most special dishes or drinks. A small cash prize can be offered, or a future day off to spend by the pool or beach to make up for missing out on the Fourth of July might be more appropriate!

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