Restaurant Insurance

RPA provides property/casualty insurance products and services exclusively to the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Insurance Programs

Having specialized in insuring restaurants for more than 40 years, RPA knows how to design insurance programs to meet actual threats to a restaurant’s survival.  We know how to overcome the “fine print” traps so that you get the best outcome possible without overspending.  Here are some examples:

  • Most carriers put a coinsurance clause in their policies.  As a result, when a property claim occurs, the first question that arises is whether you carried enough insurance.  If not, you face a potential penalty.

RPA can eliminate the coinsurance clause in its policies, so there’s no penalty to worry about.

  • Power interruptions can cause damage to your equipment and a serious loss of business.  Most carriers insert all kinds of limitations and exclusions for this kind of loss.

RPA provides broad coverage for these kinds of losses. It can even cover food spoilage from ANY power outage—including blackouts and brownouts. 

  • Many restaurants insure themselves against claims brought by employees for discrimination or harassment.  But many policies provide NO protection if such an action is brought by a customer.

RPA’s Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) can extend coverage to include claims brought by customers or even vendors.  And punitive damages are covered as well (if not prohibited by state law).

  • Many brokers don’t bother to read leases between restaurants and landlords.  Yet there are many obligations in such documents that must be recognized by the insurance program.

RPA makes sure that the insurance program we design takes care of all of a client’s contractual obligations.

Delivering outstanding insurance solutions requires two things: The ability to design quality products with financially stable insurance carriers; and the flexibility to customize those products for each client, so there’s a good fit.  RPA covers both bases so our restaurant clients can stay focused on running their businesses.

Our Programs

The term “restaurant” embraces many types of eating establishments, and RPA has used its expertise and industry “clout” to custom-design programs for all of the following:

Our relationships with many financially sound carriers allow us to create programs for clients ranging from single location operations to multi-state, multi-location chains. So regardless of location or construction; whether you own or lease; whether you provide light entertainment or none; whether you opened recently or have a long history, RPA can design a cost-effective insurance program to meet your specific needs.

Some of the coverage that RPA traditionally offers are:

We only provide coverage that is needed, and we will never sacrifice needed coverage to reduce the premium. Visit the Quote Request section of this site to get started with us.