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It is every restaurant’s goal to increase the number of new and returning customers frequenting their establishment. If done correctly, offering a catering option is the perfect way to increase business. Your loyal customers will be excited to order your delicious food for their Labor Day party, and this allows you to spread your restaurant’s exposure without putting any extra money into advertising.


Certain holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day may be slow times for your restaurant. Many people love hosting outdoor parties to celebrate, but do not always enjoy the stress that comes with feeding their guests. If you offer a catering menu, it will help make up for the reduced foot traffic! It’s important to prepare your restaurant for the increase in catering orders this Labor Day. Below are our tips on how to best prepare for all of your catering orders to ensure your customers and their guests are happy.


Successful Labor Day Catering

Know How Many Guests The Order Needs to Feed

It’s crucial to ask your customer how many guests plan on attending their party as soon as they inquire about catering. This allows you to prepare all of the ingredients and staff needed to complete the order on time. It is important to tell your customer that if the number of guests significantly changes, you need to know with enough time before the party. Preparing larger portion sizes can also ensure there is enough food for all of the guests. Both of these are preventive measures that will keep your customer and their guests happy, while keeping your staff as stress free as possible.

Prevent Cross Contamination

When cooking for a large number of guests, it’s crucial to protect your business and customers from a potential food allergy lawsuit. Use color-coded tools and allergen-specific equipment to help prevent cross contamination. Substituting for widely used allergens, such as soy and corn, with safer options can help rule out possible allergic reactions. Also, it is a great idea to send over a list of every ingredient used in each of the meals your company has prepared, so the host can answer any of his or her guest’s questions.

Communicate with your Staff

Without a set plan, catering orders can be a nightmare for your staff. Try assigning a specific member of your team to coordinate catering responsibilities, so the rest of your staff knows exactly who to go to with questions. It’s also important that all staff is properly trained to deal with a catering order, and that you communicate with your staff what is expected of them when these orders come in.

Purchase Catering Insurance

No matter how experienced or successful your restaurant or catering company is, there are many liabilities that can occur when fulfilling catering orders. Some common mishaps that can occur include property damage at the host site, food-borne illness due to contamination, delivery driver accidents, and equipment breakdown, among other issues that could cost your company a lot of money. With catering insurance, your business will be covered if any accidents happen.

Catering Insurance Program

Here at RPA, our team of insurance agents will take the time to get to know your business so we can create a program that is customized to your needs. We will also ensure that your plan is written to cover the municipal and state requirements that pertain to you. With more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant insurance industry, we have access to the best programs and prices available anywhere. For more information about catering insurance, be sure to contact us today.