How to be Prepared for an Active Shooter Situation in Your Restaurant

How to be Prepared for an Active Shooter Situation in Your Restaurant

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4 Effective Ways for Restaurant Staff Members to Promote Safety  

Active shooters have become more of a threat, leaving the restaurant industry in a vulnerable place. Since active shooters have a pattern of targeting multiple people in a crowded location, restaurants all over the country are put at an increased risk every day that their business serves customers. Even though the thought of an active shooter in a restaurant is extremely scary for restaurant owners, it’s crucial for employers to prepare for an active shooter in their restaurant.

1.    Hold a meeting with employees to devise a safe plan if an active shooting occurs.

A formal meeting with every single employee that the restaurant has on-call—from dishwashers to head waitresses—is the best possible way for a restaurant owner to get every employee on the same page about what steps need to be taken in the event that an active shooting takes place at the business. Main points to cover at this meeting include the best ways to keep each employee safe, how to keep the customers safe and strategies for contacting the police.

2.    Figure out how to alleviate any damage after an active shooting has taken place.

Picking up the pieces after an active shooting has taken place at a restaurant can entail a lot of different things. For some restaurants, active shootings leave the establishment in shambles, damaging the building, walls and windows. It’s also important that restaurant employees are available to report to the law enforcement about what happened, especially in the event that there are any fatalities after one has occurred. Employees present at the time of the active shooting may also need time off for emotional and mental health reasons. All of these scenarios need to be evaluated by a restaurant owner, followed by a concrete plan to handle each task in a timely and efficient manner.

3.    Adopt the mindset that it could most likely happen.  

While some restaurant locations are more popular for violent crimes than others, restaurant owners are strongly encouraged to never turn a blind eye to the possibility that one could happen at their own business. As recent media coverage has proven time and again, active shootings are becoming more common, so there is no such thing as being “too safe”. It’s important for restaurant owners to always plan for the worst, even if they are hoping for the best.

4.    Consult an insurance specialist about the types of policies that will protect the restaurant.

Active shootings in the restaurant industry are tragic. Lives might be taken, fear will be instilled and a restaurant can suffer and fail if it does not have the proper management style and insurance policies to back it up once a shooting has taken place. There are a series of helpful insurance policies that restaurants owners can purchase to protect their business, though. Business interruption insurance is a great policy that can cover a restaurant if it is forced to close after something like an active shooting has taken place. Restaurant insurance policies can be further broken down for the type of establishment it is—so restaurant owners can look into anything from diner insurance to fast food insurance as well.

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