RPA National Accounts

RPA is an established leader in providing insurance coverage for well-managed restaurants.

Nationwide Restaurant Insurance

RPA is an established leader in providing insurance coverage for well-managed restaurants—not only for those with one or several locations, but also for those whose exposures span many locations and more than one state. We understand that such businesses require special techniques, resources, and attention.

  • Different Approach.  We use a year-round, ongoing process to manage our national accounts.  It is of little value to simply put together applications and loss runs once a year and sends them out to dozens of underwriters 60 days before your account expires. This does nothing more than draw declination letters from most carriers—and if you do get a quote, it is usually at the eleventh hour.
  • Advanced Techniques.  In addition to guaranteed-cost programs, we use alternative risk management techniques, such as self-insured retentions, large deductibles, or captive insurance programs, to create the most advantageous programs for more complex risks.
  • Exposures.  We are your advocates. We do not just attach schedules of sales, payrolls, locations, and vehicles to your application.  Rather, we prepare a professional underwriting submission that tells “your story,” explaining to the underwriter why they should write your account at an attractive rate.
  • Losses.  We examine your loss detail to uncover opportunities for loss improvement. We also make a case for excluding certain extraordinary losses from being considered in your experience rating. This allows us to price your account using much better “experience” and a lower “loss pick.”
  • Loss Control.  Reducing losses helps reduce future premiums. We can help in two ways—by guiding you on proactive measures to prevent claims from happening, and by making sure that your carrier only pays claims made by others that are truly justified.

These are just a few examples of the special attention and know-how we extend to our national accounts to achieve superior results.