How to Manage Your Restaurant’s Reputation

How to Manage Your Restaurant’s Reputation

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Helpful Tips for a Successful Restaurant

A few elements can make or break a restaurant, regardless of its size, location or the type of cuisine served. As any vetted restaurant owner with returning customers and a large following can reveal, a restaurant’s reputation is quite literally everything. It’s a huge part of whether a dining establishment can keep its doors open for a long period of time. In order to keep business booming and serve only the happiest of customers, owners and upper-level management can manage their restaurant’s reputation with these easy steps:

Practice Excellent Customer Service

It’s the first rule of any business, but it especially applies to the restaurant industry: The customer is always right. Even when a waitress/waiter, chef or manager knows that a customer might be overreacting or slightly out of line, making that customer feel as though he or she is being respected and valued must be the followed protocol. Even with great advertising and a few good reviews, the restaurant wouldn’t be able to survive without a friendly atmosphere, an accommodating wait staff and excellent service. Customer service such as this sets the groundwork for a sterling reputation, and makes that reputation even easier to maintain.

Invest in Quality Restaurant Insurance

A restaurant that cannot remain open because of its inability to cover the cost of an accident, unexpected natural disaster or any other type of suable mishap is guaranteed to lose the respect of its customers quickly. In order to be viewed as a completely prepared and financially stable eatery or bar, restaurant owners must obtain high-quality restaurant insurance. In order to maintain a good reputation, a restaurant owner should take the correct steps and proper precautions by purchasing business insurance, employee dishonesty insurance and any other type of restaurant insurance package that could prevent any negative stigma, in the event of an unwanted circumstance at its location.

Take Online Reviews and Ratings Seriously

The Internet has forever changed the game of customer reviews and given so much more power to reviewers. The process has evolved drastically over the years, and at one time only consisted of written ratings by professionals who were paid to give an unbiased review, as well customers via word of mouth. Now, a restaurant’s review can be seen by those near and far, thanks to informative rating sites like Yelp and Foursquare. In order to better manage a restaurant’s online reviews, it’s best to establish a game plan. Choose a manager-level member of the restaurant to search the web periodically – either on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how busy the restaurant is – and look for the most up-to-date reviews. Taking the time to thank customers for writing a good review goes a long way. However, it’s crucial to address bad reviews by reaching out to the unhappy patron and trying to make it right.

Be Present on Social Media  

Social media accounts are a fairly easy way to manage a restaurant’s reputation. These allow the staff to communicate and inform customers in real time about an establishment and all that it has to offer. One of the best attributes of social media is the fact that restaurant owners are able to control exactly what the public sees – including beautifully captured plates of food and images of happy customers – so followers are able to associate the positive moments with a restaurant’s overall vibe. Restaurants also should post regularly, and update their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that they remain relevant and can beat out competition nearby. Social media also is a great tool for promoting deals, coupons and events that take place at a restaurant, so that customers remain interested and engaged.

Consult with a Restaurant Professional for More Excellent Tips

At Restaurant Programs of America, we are a full-service insurance agency that solely focuses on the restaurant industry. That’s why we’re so knowledgeable about all the ways you can manage an establishment’s reputation. If you would like to learn more about our extensive services, please feel free to contact us by calling 866-577-7007. We look forward to hearing from you!