Make the Most of Holidays at Your Restaurant or Bar

Even though St. Patrick’s Day has passed, it is an excellent example for making the most out of any upcoming holiday.  For example, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved from just one day of the year, to a two week long spectacle of green-clad, over-indulging, honorary Irishmen. The National Retail Federation estimates that more than 125 million Americans will celebrate at least one day, a quite impressive number considering the US Census states there are roughly 37 million people of Irish-decent living in the United States. Over the span of the holiday, over 4 billion dollars will be spent at bars and restaurants, as well as at parades, parties, and events.

As a restaurant or bar owner, it is important to capitalize off of popular holidays such as Saint Patrick’s Day. With so many holidays throughout the year, make your restaurant or bar the place that has lines out the door!

Start in the Morning

Start in the Morning

Via Boston Mag

If you are located in a city or town that holds a parade for any type of holiday, host a breakfast for attendees to stop at before getting to the parade. Offer themed drinks and breakfast fare to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Play the Right Music

Book a band to bring in the crowds! There is nothing like live music to get people in the mood to celebrate, regardless of the holiday. Make sure you book far in advance to ensure you have the perfect band for the big day. You can even lace a cover charge to cover the costs of the band.

Drink Specials Draw Crowds

If your establishment serves alcohol, adding drink specials themed around the holiday is a must. If you’re looking to keep the crowd around for a few hours, take a page from college campuses around the nation and throw a themed party.