BYOB Liquor Liability Insurance

BYOB Liquor Liability Insurance For Restaurants

When a liquor license is unavailable, or the budget doesn’t allow for one to be obtained, many restaurants select to offer BYOB, Bring Your Own Bottle/Beer/Beverage, to patrons of their establishment. There are no limitations as to what type of restaurant can offer BYOB, so establishments ranging from local family eateries to fine dining steak houses around the nation are following the trend brought on by the economic downturn of the last 10 years. Even if your establishment only have a BYOB policy that allows patrons to drink on the property and didn’t sell any alcohol, you can still be held responsible for alcohol-related incidents that may occur, as well as the legal fees that surround the incidents.

Restaurant Liquor Liability Coverage

Truly understanding what your current liquor liability coverage offers is a vital to the success of any establishment serving or allowing the consumption of alcohol on the premises. Each state carries a different set of laws for establishments that deal with alcohol, called Dram Shop laws. These laws cover situations like allowing an already intoxicated patron to continue consuming alcohol or intoxicated patrons causing harm to themselves or others. In a BYOB setting, controlling what and how much a patron consumes can be very difficult, depending on the policies already established by the restaurant, and the prior training that staff and serves have received.

Alcohol Liability Insurance for Restaurants

If your restaurant is considering the move to a BYOB platform, or are already offering this to patrons are currently not carrying liquor liability insurance, a Restaurant Programs of America agent can help guide you through the process of securing the proper coverage, as well as educating ownership and staff on the proper protocols and procedures. Each state, county, and local municipality has varying laws regarding an establishment offering BYOB, so it’s vital that your restaurant’s initial underwriting preparation is done in accordance to the laws governing your establishment. Get in touch with a Restaurant Programs of America agent today via our contact form, or call us directly at 844-358-2296.

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