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Tragedy Strikes Louisiana

In August 2016, Louisiana experienced over 24 inches of rainfall resulting in disastrous flooding. These floods put homes and businesses throughout the state under water; many without insurance to help get them back on their feet. While dealing with injuries, death, and the loss of their homes – many residents also do not know if they will have a business to go to work to on Monday.

The Impact on Business

As we all watched in horror as hardworking people had their homes, shelter, and workplaces destroyed – it was a scene RPA sees too often: Businesses, especially small restaurants, completely devastated and forced out of business because of a natural disaster. Even when we look at less extreme cases, sometimes the burden and cost of re-building is much too high for owners to afford. When rebuilding is possible, businesses still face months on end of absolutely no income.

The Takeaway

Not every state experiences massive flooding like Louisiana. However, no matter which state you are in, you are at risk for a natural disaster. With the right restaurant insurance, you can protect your business while it rebuilds. For example, RPA offers Business Interruption Insurance. This insurance protects your establishment when it faces a closure for any reason. Whether it is a blackout, fire, or flooding – you can ensure your business is okay while it is closed.

Protect Your Restaurant Business

Whether you are a five star dining establishment or a mom and pop diner, insurance is everything when it comes to your business. Don’t get roped into paying more than you need to for services you will never need. At RPA, we work strictly with businesses in the dining industry to secure the insurance they need to stay in business for a long time – regardless of events that are out of your control. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your restaurant or dining establishment.