Insurance for Your Pizza Delivery Drivers

Insurance for Your Pizza Delivery Drivers

Pizza delivery drivers play an integral role in getting your hot, delicious pizza to a customer’s home quickly. As the owner of a restaurant, you most likely care for your employees and want to maintain their safety when at all possible. Doing so is a win-win, as it keeps your employees safe and able to work, and reduces your chances as an employer of being held liable for their injuries and illnesses. When you offer pizza delivery as a service, things can get a little tricky in ensuring your pizza delivery driver’s safety. There are several factors, many of which are out of you or the employee’s control, which could cause danger when the driver is on the road. It is absolutely essential to prepare your drivers and protect your business with the proper coverages if you offer pizza delivery as a service. Here are some popular insurance coverages to consider:


Workers’ Compensation Coverage

You may already have this coverage for your employee, as it is mandatory in many states. But if you do not, then now is the time to secure it. Workers’ compensation coverage is a vital insurance for workers in high-risk jobs. Delivery drivers are constantly on the road, dealing with countless patrons, in addition to being vulnerable to the everyday risks of working in a restaurant kitchen environment. Workers’ compensation insurance will kick in should your employee get injured or sick while “on the job.” Regardless if they’re injured in an accident while making a delivery or slip and fall on a wet floor in the kitchen, workers’ compensation insurance allows the employee to get paid while he or she recovers. This protects your business because an employee cannot sue your establishment if he or she receives workers’ compensation benefits. In the long run, this will save your business time and a lot of money.


Auto Insurance for Delivery Drivers

As a business owner, you should absolutely insure your delivery drivers before they set out for their first delivery. Neglecting to insure delivery drivers could create costly consequences in the event that the driver is pulled over, or worse, gets in a car accident. The type of auto insurance to secure will depend on your specific business model. For example, you may simply need supplementary insurance for the driver if he or she uses his or her own vehicle, or more comprehensive coverage if you are providing the company vehicle. Regardless, an employee can hold you liable for damages if his or her car is wrecked during an accident while on the job. Auto insurance designed specifically for delivery drivers guarantees that this unfortunate event can be immediately addressed and everyone is safe.


Other Methods to Protect Delivery Drivers

Aside from insurance, there are some extra measures you can take as a restaurant owner to protect your delivery drivers and your business.


Regular Mandatory Training Courses

While not an insurance per se, training courses on safe driving definitely can help keep your insurance rates low for delivery drivers. When drivers are regularly refreshed on the principles of safe driving, they are less likely to get into an accident. Remember, accidents and tickets will raise the rates on your auto insurance policy. Be proactive and get proper training for all delivery drivers to keep everyone safe.


More Stringent Hiring Process

Lastly, when hiring a delivery driver, be sure to hire stringently. Do a background check to ensure the driver does not have a bunch of tickets or accidents on record. You may also want to look out for a history of reckless behavior or anything else that might endanger your business.


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