How to Protect Your Restaurant From the Threat of an Active Shooter or Terrorism

Violence in the workplace, active shooters and terrorism continue to be among the most serious threats facing restaurants and all enterprises today. Managing repercussions to these devastating events calls for careful risk assessment and thorough planning, as well as the use of insurance to protect against potential financial consequences.

If they haven’t done so already, restaurant owners and managers should discuss how to manage these exposures with their risk advisors and crisis response consultants. Restaurants without in-house security might consider engaging outside security professionals to help minimize the likelihood of such incidents and their potential impact.

Risk Management Basics For Your Restaurant

Fundamental risk management measures for active shooter and workplace violence exposures include: pre-employment screening, implementing employee assistance programs and employee training, engaging with local law enforcement, and participating in community anti-crime initiatives.

Restaurant Insurance for Potential Violence

While some general liability policies might provide coverage for certain exposures related to workplace violence, restaurant owners should review their policies carefully to determine whether and how they might respond. For more extensive protection, three different specialty insurance coverages for businesses can address various exposures related to active shooters and other incidents of workplace violence and terrorism: standalone terrorism, active shooter, and workplace violence insurance. There’s some overlap between these programs and they differ by insurer.

Stand-alone terrorism insurance typically provides broader protection than coverage available under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, known as TRIA/TRIPRA, and its reauthorizations. The stand-alone insurance can provide coverage for various acts of terrorism, active shooter and workplace violence. Some policies combine property and liability protection with optional coverages to protect against event-related business income losses and other exposures.

Many stand-alone policies also provide funding for crisis response planning and security assessment, as well as a predetermined amount of work with a crisis response consultant to improve the restaurant’s ability to prevent and manage potential issues involving active shooters. The coverages include funds for experts to provide crisis management of an incident and post-event support services and legal counsel.

Create a Workplace Violence Policy and Risk Management Checklist

Active shooter/workplace violence and terrorism insurance applications typically involve a series of questions about a restaurant’s security and preparedness; by providing responses restaurant owners and managers can begin to assess their risk management for such events and learn the cost for the protection they need.

For violence in the workplace, your risk management checklist may include questions such as:

  • Do you have CCTV surveillance?
  • Do you have a security system?
  • Has the sercurity system been serviced recently?
  • Do you have an emergency escape plan?

RPA is happy to go into more detail with any business owners or groups that need more information.

Learn More on How to Protect Your Restaurant With the Help of RPA

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