General Restaurant Liability Insurance

Restaurant Liability Insurance

Every time a patron enters your restaurant; there is a risk that your business assumes should an accident occur. A slip and fall, allergic reactions, or an intoxicated patron can all be reasons that one of your guests may file a lawsuit against your restaurant. Even if the courts don’t rule in favor of your patron, your restaurant is still held responsible for the costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees. A General Liability policy for your restaurant serves to protect your business from having the previously mentioned incident from occurring. The insurance can’t protect against patrons falling or over-consuming, but it does provide you with legal protection should your business be found liable and have to pay restitution. In cases where restaurants don’t have the proper coverage after being found liable in a lawsuit, the restaurant may be seized to pay for the settlement charges.

General Liability for Restaurants

During the typical day at a restaurant, customers and employees are constantly flowing in and out. With all of this traffic in your restaurant, unforeseen problems can arise. That is why having restaurant insurance is essential to keeping your business afloat amidst possible lawsuits that could lead to massive legal fees. Accidents happen, so be prepared with restaurant insurance from Restaurant Programs of America. Your business will be safe in case of an accident and you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are ready for any situation.

Customers that slip on an unmarked wet floor, have an allergic reaction to the food or burn themselves with a beverage may think about filing a suit against your restaurant. With RPA’s general liability insurance, you will be covered against these claims in addition to property damage involving objects brought in by the customers. That way if a customer brings a phone to your restaurant, for example, and spills coffee on it you will have coverage in case that person decides to sue.

If your restaurant does catering off-site, general liability insurance could be extremely helpful to your business. Let’s say an injury occurs at a party you are catering or a piece of equipment starts a fire and causes damage, your policy will cover those incidents. It can cover damages to the property of your restaurant in addition to the possessions of your guests at a party.

General liability will pay for all of your legal fees, court settlements and bond premiums as well as expenses that could be hidden. It serves as a security blanket that you can use to fight off the lawsuit in court while continuing to build up the success of your restaurant. RPA’s team of insurance experts will assist you in finding the right policy and make sure the needs of your restaurant are met. It does not matter if you own a fast food joint or a five-star restaurant, we will provide you with the insurance that protects your business financially.

This insurance will also cover your restaurant if it is robbed, experiences employee dishonesty or crime, and even if you lose the keys to the establishment. It can even take care of product distribution problems if you are starting to lose faith in the supplier of your food. RPA is here to protect any issue that your restaurant could very well encounter.

General Liability Umbrella for Restaurants

There are certain areas of a general liability policy that provide specific coverage and protections under the general liability plan’s “umbrella.” Property damage claims involve damage to a property outside of your own, so if your catering company burns a hole in the floor of a hall, you’ll be covered. Bodily injury claims cover things like burns from hot items, allergic reactions, and food poisoning, but it’s important to note that this coverage does not extend to your restaurant’s staff. Liquor liability coverage protects you against risks brought on by serving alcohol. These can range from over-serving a patron, automotive incidents that occur after the patron leaves your restaurant or bar, and even if two intoxicated patrons get in a brawl. Personal and advertising injury claims are always good to have if you do promotion for your restaurant, as this coverage will protect your business from allegations that it caused any “damage” to another entity through your advertising efforts. Medical expense claims are used when immediate medical attention is required at your restaurant and initial bills, such as ambulance, EMT care, etc., need to be paid. Instead of letting the injured or ill patron file a claim against your business, this coverage will ensure that all bills are taken care of.

RPA Insurance Services is located in Parsippany, NJ on Wood Hollow Road, and is ready to help you shield your restaurant from unforeseen financial trouble. Our team will address any questions or concerns that you may have, so contact us today to learn more about our offers! Give us a call at 844.358.2296 or come by the office to select a policy that will put you at ease. It is impossible to predict when an accident will happen, so be ready for it with general liability insurance from RPA.