Franchise Insurance

Restaurant Franchise Insurance

Whether you are in the role of franchisee or franchisor, ensuring that your business has the right franchise insurance for your needs is crucial to the success of the establishment. Franchise insurance protects yourself, your family, your business, your properties, and your employees from unexpected events that may occur in relation to the business.

Insurance for Restaurant Franchises

Franchisees are urged to ask as many questions of their franchisor as possible in order to determine what insurance coverage they are responsible for, and what the franchisor’s policies will protect against. Dependent on the nature of the restaurant, there may be additional insurance coverage that will be required, such as for an establishment that serves alcohol, or a buffet style franchise. A foundation for franchise insurance will revolve around the property insurance policy, the general liability insurance policy, and the profession liability and omissions insurance policy. These three policies make up the foundation of your insurance coverage, and protect your building, equipment, and products, as well as providing injury and breach of contract protection.

Insurance for Restaurant Franchise Owners

As a franchise owner, you want to protect your investment. Restaurant Programs of America specializes in providing the necessary insurance coverage to franchise owners, as well as franchisees. We are able to provide a comprehensive coverage that is custom designed to meet the needs of your dining establishments, even if they are located in multiple states. Our team will perform a complete analysis of your business to identify key areas of risk and will apply the proper policies within your insurance coverage to ensure that you are protected against those risks. Learn more about Restaurant Programs of America’s franchise insurance by speaking to one of our Franchise Specialists. Give us a call at 844-358-2296 to get started with RPA today.