Fine Dining Insurance

Fine Dining Restaurant Insurance

Fine dining establishments tend to be the ones to get the short end of the stick when seeking insurance coverage. Whether your food to alcohol ratio doesn’t match up with what the “big-box” insurance providers want, or your inventory of delicate meats and seafood causes premiums on spoilage coverage to be out of the roof, a fine dining establishment has special needs and coverage’s that don’t apply to the generic restaurant insurance packages that will suffice with most other establishments.

Here at Restaurant Programs of America, our team of skilled agents will work with you to ensure that the most essential coverages are written in your policy, and that any additional offerings associated with your fine dining establishment are covered and protected under your insurance policy.

Liquor Liability Insurance For Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining establishments require many of the same coverage’s as all other levels of restaurants; things like theft insurance, employment practices liability, and commercial property insurance. When a restaurant needs more than just the cookie-cutter coverage, due to their fine dining offerings and services, which is where Restaurant Programs of America can help to ensure that your rates remain reasonable while your entire business remains covered. A fine dining restaurant that sells exotic wines from around the world with their meals may fall under the “bar” bracket when they seek liquor liability insurance from major providers.

Insurance Services For Fine Dining Restaurants

After a proper analysis, our team will prepare be able to prepare an underwriting submission that corrects this oversight and presents the establishment in the best form possible to receive a rate that is reflective of what the fine dining establishment needs. To find out if your fine dining establishment is currently covered by the best possible policy for your needs, fill out a contact form here, or call one of our agents today at 844-358-2296.