Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown Insurance For Restaurants

In every restaurant, the kitchen is the heart and soul. Each piece of equipment in the kitchen is designed to transform food in one way or another and play a part in a finished product that customers love. What would happen to your business if one or more of the major pieces of kitchen equipment just stopped working? The risk of kitchens having electrical or mechanical breakdowns is very real, considering the heavy load placed on the electrical systems in a kitchen that is in operation for 10+ hours a day, and equipment that may be significantly aged and due for maintenance for years. Equipment Breakdown Coverage is an additional coverage that restaurant owners should consider adding to their commercial policy. This coverage is not normally included in most commercial insurance policies.

Restaurant Equipment Coverage

A standard Equipment Breakdown Coverage policy will cover losses caused by power surges, electrical arcing, short circuit, mechanical breakdown, boiler damage, motor burnout, and operator error. This type of coverage includes just about anything that can happen to your kitchen equipment. Not only will this coverage provide funds to replace or repair the damaged equipment, but it will also cover any losses that were incurred due to the breakdown. These often include business income losses, spoilage loss, expenses incurred to minimize loss, and expenses incurred to expedite repairs.

Restaurant Programs of America will help you find the best policy for the equipment throughout your restaurant or bar in order to protect your investment in the business, and to ensure that business will not be interrupted by a breakdown or malfunction of equipment.  Learn more about how Equipment Breakdown Coverage insurance can benefit your restaurant business, as well as other types of coverage that may be beneficial in the event of a mechanical or electrical issue, by calling an RPA representative at 844-358-2296.