Do Restaurants Benefit from Offering Catering Services?

Catering Services Provide Amazing Advantages for Restaurant Owners

Catering services aren’t just for catering companies, full-service or independent caterers. In fact, all restaurants have the option of catering. After the proper research has been conducted, catering insurance has been purchased and all of the necessary extra purchases have been made to make it happen, restaurants can almost immediately enjoy all of the benefits that catering services can provide for the business.

Additional Revenue and Overall Financial Gain

When a restaurant adds catering services to its repertoire, gone are the days of anxiously depending on busy weekends to boost revenue. Catering services provide an entirely new way to bring in revenue—after all, some individual businesses rely solely on catering alone—especially since there is a high demand for it. Parties, corporate events and weddings are just a few events that are typically catered. These catering gigs are even easier to operate when compared to typical restaurant duties, since the orders are all placed in advance and workers know what to expect (and how to plan accordingly).

The Brand Becomes Stronger in the Public Eye

The more useful services a restaurant provides, the stronger their brand becomes. People want to know that they can count on a restaurant to do it all, from serving up delicious food to providing outstanding catering services for their special event. When a restaurant adds on a catering service, they should really take the time to re-brand their business so that customers are well aware. Signs, posters, billboard messages, business cards—all of these advertising methods should include the fact that the restaurant caters, so that the word can be spread to potential customers. Catering opens up a whole new door of clientele that they never had before.

Maintain Momentum When Business is Slow

There are certainly times throughout the week, month and year when business is slower than it should be. Slow days are not only frustrating but sometimes even harmful to the restaurant as a whole. When a restaurant offers on-site catering services, they might never have to suffer from a stagnant schedule ever again. Some eateries actually close down their restaurant one day a week, so that clients can rent out the space for their catered event. This definitely maintains momentum for the restaurant and makes up for business lost on slower days.

Increased Food Orders

Catering services impact bulk food orders, which subsequently benefits the restaurant, in a positive way. In order to fulfill catering needs and accommodate them efficiently, restaurants that provide catering services must increase food order quantities. Increasing food order quantities typically means that goods are received at a discounted rate, so the restaurant is actually saving money by doing so. Not to mention, menu items that typically do not sell out during the restaurant’s normal hours of operation can be put to good use and included in various catering packages—this way, they are used and not thrown out.

Purchase Catering Insurance for Your Catering Services with RPA

It can be all too easy for restaurants to remain the same over a set amount of years, never exploring outside options that can help their business grow and thrive. Restaurants who do choose to add catering to their list of services will not be disappointed by the many advantages it provides for their business. As beneficial as catering services are, though, it does not come without its risks. For this reason, it’s important to purchase catering insurance, so that the restaurant is covered from all liabilities that can occur and keep its doors open for years to come. At Restaurant Programs of America, we have helped countless catering establishments develop catering insurance coverage plans that fit the needs of their ever-changing eatery and catering services. Contact RPA by calling 866-577-7007, or request a quote by filling out a form online.