Diner Insurance

Diner Restaurant Insurance

Diners are one of America’s oldest types of dining establishments. Their popularity is focused around the Northeastern United States, especially in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. With a wide range of menu items, ranging from American staples of Grilled Cheese and Burgers, to Greek and Mediterranean offers of Gyros and Baklava, diners tend to serve patrons from all walks of life, at all hours of the day. As most diners are family-owned establishments, it’s vital to protect the business and the family by properly insuring the diner.

General Liability For Diner Restaurants

General liability insurance coverage protects the diner from accidents, both inside and outside of the establishment. In the case of an accident on the premises, this coverage will provide financial assistance to the diner if a lawsuit occurs that may require a settlement from the diner. The two types of liability insurance a diner should carry are product liability insurance and premises liability insurance. The product liability insurance coverage will protect the diner if a claim is filed centered around the products that the diner sells. Premises liability insurance covers the indoor and outdoor property that the diner sits on, and is often used by diners during slip and fall lawsuits to protect assets.

General Risk Coverage For Diner Restaurants

General risk coverage is a vital area for diner establishments to ensure that they are completely covered. Since many diners are older, historic structures, this general risk coverage will insure the physical structure, as well as interior systems, kitchen equipment, and other contents. Many general risk coverages will also include exterior assets, such a signage, windows, landscaping, and parking lots. If your diner is housed in a “vintage” diner car or similar structure, be sure to ask about insuring your property for full replacement value, as repairs and renovations to these older structures can be costly.

Diner Insurance Coverage Options

If your diner is unsure whether the current coverage you are carrying is sufficient, an agent at Restaurant Programs of America would be happy to talk with you to discuss insurance shortfalls and opportunities for savings. Each business that works with us undergoes a thorough analysis by our skilled team members to find any areas for improvement, as well as cost saving opportunities. RPA team members will then prepare a skilled underwriting submission that will present your diner in its best possible form to insurance companies who will then write a policy that includes all the necessary information. To learn more, or to talk to an RPA representative today, call one of our agents at 844-358-2296 or fill out a contact form here.