Catering Practices and Accommodating Insurance Policies

Whether your catering company has a physical location, travels with equipment or utilizes a location’s kitchen while preparing food for customers, being covered from all liabilities that can occur is vital for a catering establishment to keep its doors open. When you are employed as a caterer, there are many more moving parts involved than any restaurant with a physical location. Equipment utilized may vary depending on the customer and the venue, employees’ working events may vary by week and suppliers and vendors must coordinate with a catering company to receive orders and move them out to facilities for storage use. These catering duties and liabilities must all be considered while caterers execute a flawless event for a customer—which is exactly why catering insurance is so important.


Effective Catering Insurance Options

At Restaurant Programs of America, we have helped countless catering establishments develop an underwriting proposal that affords coverage in all areas that they will encounter while in business. Insurance coverage for a catering establishment can usually be categorized into property protections and catering liability insurance protections. Property coverage helps protect the owned property of a caterer, while catering liability insurance helps protect caterers when they’re at fault, or accused of some type of wrongdoing. Bottom of FormCatering insurance policies will often include a general liability, product liabilities, property damage coverage, business property insurance, inland marine coverage and identity recovery coverage. Each policy will be fully customized to the catering establishment’s needs and will be written to provide the necessary coverage to meet municipal and state requirements.


Catering Services and Valuable Insurance Policies  

It might seem as though catering insurance is solely for caterers specifically. However, catering insurance was also created for restaurants and eateries that provide off-site catering—these places often have a physical location but cater events at various spots to bring in extra revenue. Since providing these types of catering services can be risky, it’s advised that these businesses invest in catering insurance as well. For the most part, catering policies are not usually set in place to assist with worker’s compensation coverage, or any type of health or disability insurance. However, any decent catering insurance policy will accommodate typical catering services and situations. Some typical catering incidents that are usually covered by a catering insurance policy include food poisoning, fires caused by equipment malfunction, damages caused by intoxicated patrons and false advertising by the catering company.

Get a Catering Insurance Quote with RPA  

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