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Why You Should Purchase EPLI

  Image via Flickr Considering EPLI Insurance for Your Restaurant As you begin your journey of opening a restaurant, you are most likely inundated with several options for restaurant insurance coverage. It can be extremely difficult, even after opening your restaurant, to truly know which coverages you need and which are less necessary for your […]

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5 Tips for Buying Restaurant Insurance

  Image via Wikimedia Commons Restaurant Insurance Tips Whether you have had your restaurant for years or are in the early phases of planning to open your doors, there is a huge factor that all business owners need to consider: insurance. In the restaurant industry, there are so many different types of restaurant insurance to [...] Read On

5 Tips to Opening a Successful Restaurant

Image via Wiki What you Need to Know Before Opening a Restaurant After years of dreaming of owning a restaurant of your own, you have finally decided to make that dream a reality. Opening a restaurant is a huge endeavor and there are so many little things that need to be done before you open […]

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4 Benefits to Franchise Insurance

Image via J Photo Style   Franchisors and franchisees require specific insurance to protect their businesses. Whichever role you find yourself in, there are several reasons to consider a specific franchise insurance. As a business owner, you never want to see something bad happen to your business. Unfortunately, the bad things in life are never […]

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How to Create a Risk Management Plan

Image via Blue Diamond Gallery Minimize Risk and Protect Your Business Risk management is one of those things that most business owners think they have in place, but truly don’t have a plan for. A risk management plan is an extensive plan detailing the likelihood of potential risks, how to minimize those specific risks, and [...] Read On

Lessons from the Louisiana Floods

  Image via Pixabay Tragedy Strikes Louisiana In August 2016, Louisiana experienced over 24 inches of rainfall resulting in disastrous flooding. These floods put homes and businesses throughout the state under water; many without insurance to help get them back on their feet. While dealing with injuries, death, and the loss of their homes – […]

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Prepping for Labor Day Catering

(Image via Wikipedia)   It is every restaurant’s goal to increase the number of new and returning customers frequenting their establishment. If done correctly, offering a catering option is the perfect way to increase business. Your loyal customers will be excited to order your delicious food for their Labor Day party, and this allows you […]

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