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How Items on Your Menu Could Get You Sued

(Image via Flickr)   Items on your menu, document.write(""); especially if you try to capitalize on popular trends, can become a liability if you’re not careful. There are multiple ways that your menu can result in a lawsuit, such as copyright or trademark infringement, slander, and copying competitors. While whipping up fun new dishes or [...] Read On

Franchises Fight Back Against Minimum Wage

In June of 2014, document.write(""); Seattle became the first major city in the United States to raise their minimum wage, incrementally, to $15 by 2017 for businesses with at least five hundred employees. This wage increase, more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25, has lead the International Franchise Associate to turn to the [...] Read On

A New Look for Franchises

A New Look for Franchises? In August of 2015, document.write(""); the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of Browning-Ferris Industries that a small business franchisee could be considered a “joint employer” with the franchisor company that lends its brand name and marketing to the small business. Traditionally, franchisors, by law, did not directly employ [...] Read On

Missouri Floods: How Would Your Restaurant Handle Them?

One part of nature that is almost impossible to prepare for is water. It can’t be shoveled, document.write(""); removed, or stopped from filling every crevasse, crack and open space it encounters. At the end of December of 2015, the state of Missouri encountered usually high wintertime rainfall, of over 14 inches, that lead to historic [...] Read On

Boost Your Profits with Appetizers and Desserts

Boost Your Profits with Appetizers and Desserts While many diners are in “dine and dash” mode whenever they go out to eat, there is still a large segment of restaurant guests who enjoy ordering a first course and/or a last course. Restaurants of all shapes and sizes often overlook appetizers and desserts, and will throw […]

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Restaurant Reputation Management 101: Chipotle…Again!

Restaurant Reputation Management 101: Chipotle…Again! Image via Operating hours Just when Chipotle lovers finally felt safe to head back to their favorite fast casual spot to grab a burrito bowl, things have gotten worse for the brand…much worse. Fresh off the October of 2015 E.coli outbreak, reports of over 50 people nationwide contracting the foodborne […]

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