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Does Christmas Have a Place in Your Business?

If you haven’t heard, document.write(""); the nation is up in arms over Starbuck’s decision to remove the Christmas-related designs usually found on their cups during the holiday season. They’ve elected to go with a more conservative, yet still slightly festive, plain red cup. Backlash from social media took the nation by storm, as thousands of [...] Read On

Restaurant Reputation Management 101: Chipotle

Since it threw its hat into the fast-food casual ring and took the nation by storm, document.write(""); Chipotle has developed a large, loyal following that will drive for miles and wait in line for 20-30 minutes just to get their burrito bowl fix, or to grab a burrito to go. When you step into a [...] Read On

4 Vital Steps to Reduce the Risk of Employee Lawsuits

There is no one business that is immune to employee lawsuits. Usually, document.write(""); these lawsuits turn into lengthy litigations that can become very costly to the businesses’ ownership. Because of the fast-paced environment in a restaurant, accidents and incidents are a real risk of occurring, and lawsuits are always a real possibility following one. Restaurant [...] Read On

First Time Franchisee

“Do’s” and “Don’t’s” for the 1st Time Franchisee   For many who are looking to get into the restaurant business, becoming a franchisee is an attractive option, since most of the initial legwork is done for you. Would you believe that, for as many franchise locations there are around the world, that less than five […]

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4 Major Hurdles that Restaurants Will Face

4 Major Hurdles that Restaurants Will Face in their 1st Year The restaurant industry is not kind to newcomers. There are dozens of televisions shows that highlight the struggles that restaurant owners face each and every day but, unlike the television shows, most real life restaurants don’t end up with a full house every night. […]

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Restaurants & Cybersecurity?

Do Restaurants Need to Worry about Cybersecurity? It is the year 2015, and criminals have become smarter and smarter. Sure there are still the brazen few who don a ski mask to hold a stick up for some quick cash, but the criminals who are after the big bucks have moved their criminal syndicate from […]

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EMV Technology

Is EMV Technology a Fit for Your Restaurant? It seems like every few weeks, there is a major data breach in a company, and credit card numbers are stolen. It happens quite regularly, even to small businesses who may be storing large amount of credit card numbers and transactions. As credit card companies begin to […]

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Minimum Wage on the Rise: Restaurant’s Reaction

The latest news reports that New York will be awarding fast food workers throughout the state a minimum wage of $15/hr. The raise in wage would signify an increase of over 70% for workers earning the state’s current minimum wage of $8.75/hr. While the increases aren’t expected to be fully implemented until 2020, New York’s […]

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Liquor Liability Coverage

Factors that Determine Pricing for Liquor Liability Coverage Serving liquor at your restaurant can be a great profit driver, but comes with many hurdles that need to be handled by staff and management in stride. What many restauranteurs are unaware of, is that there at 50 different sets of laws governing liquor liability; one for […]

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FDA Menu Requirements

New Nutritional Menu Requirements from the FDA A restaurant’s menu is a peek into the heart and soul of the business. Each appetizer, entrée, and dessert offered shows what the foundation of the restaurant revolves around. Whether it be fresh market ingredients, wings and sliders, or ethnic offerings, a menu is the equivalent of giving […]

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