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How Items on Your Menu Could Get You Sued

(Image via Flickr)   Items on your menu, document.write(""); especially if you try to capitalize on popular trends, can become a liability if you’re not careful. There are multiple ways that your menu can result in a lawsuit, such as copyright or trademark infringement, slander, and copying competitors. While whipping up fun new dishes or [...] Read On

Perfecting Summer Happy Hour at Your Restaurant

(Image via Pexels)   Hosting a happy hour can be great publicity for your business, document.write(""); helping you bring in large groups of friends or coworkers who may have never frequented your restaurant before during untapped hours of the day. But in order to have a successful happy hour, marketing, budgeting, and targeting the right [...] Read On

Food Allergies: Protecting your Business and Customers

(Image via Pexels) With over 250 food allergens and 15 million Americans diagnosed with food allergies, document.write(""); it’s important for all restaurant owners to purchase liability insurance and take proper action in protecting your customers. Educating both yourself and your staff on the most common types of food allergies, like peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, and [...] Read On

4 Ways to Blow Your Customer Away with Your Service

Of course, document.write(""); the goal of every restaurant and bar is to exceed their guests’ expectations, but sometimes, saying that is much easier than actually doing it. In the chaos of running a busy establishment on a Friday night, it’s very simple to overlook minute things that will actually go a long way in impressing [...] Read On

5 Features Your Restaurant’s Website Needs to Have

In 2016, document.write(""); it’s rare to find a customer who walks into your establishmentby just stumbling across your eatery or bar. With the technology that each one of us carries around daily in the form of a smartphone, in less than 1 minute a potential customer can visit your website, skim through your menu, and [...] Read On

Franchises Fight Back Against Minimum Wage

In June of 2014, document.write(""); Seattle became the first major city in the United States to raise their minimum wage, incrementally, to $15 by 2017 for businesses with at least five hundred employees. This wage increase, more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25, has lead the International Franchise Associate to turn to the [...] Read On

4 Ways to Fill Your Restaurant in a Construction Zone

Whether your restaurant is in a strip mall, document.write(""); a free-standing location, or in a plaza, the sight of construction is often more than enough to keep prospective patrons driving on by. Depending on the extent of the construction, those ugly scaffolds and construction materials may be right outside your front door for weeks or [...] Read On

Preparing for Heavy-Drinking Holidays at Your Establishment

Holidays tend to mean heavy drinking, document.write(""); and as a restaurant or bar owner, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter a patron or two who has had one too many drinks. Those who have over-indulged in alcohol can often bring along unwanted trouble, such as fights, property damage, and legal liabilities for over-serving. To protect yourself [...] Read On