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Planning an Acquisition? Hospitality Companies Shouldn't Overlook Insurance Risks in Their M&A Due Diligence The hospitality sector continues to undergo significant consolidation as restaurant  groups expand their offerings and hotel and resort companies merge or make strategic  acquisitions around the world. While these transactions often strengthen both buyers and  sellers, successful outcomes require thorough evaluation [...] Read On

6 Steps to Effective Insurance Program Renewals

  Even though the commercial insurance market generally remains competitive, restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality concerns in search of the best available coverage terms, pricing and conditions should still adhere to established best practices when it comes to renewing their coverages. Here are six steps that can help make your insurance program renewal process […]

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5 Keys to Manage Restaurant Supply Chain Risk

Steps to Evaluate and Manage Restaurant’s Supply Chain Any restaurant typically relies on a wide range of suppliers for the commodities and services that are critical to its ongoing operation and success. Everything from electrical power and gas provided by utilities, to parts for cooking and cleaning equipment maintenance and repairs, foods and beverages served […]

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Controlling Restaurant Workers’ Compensation Costs

Start by Reviewing Safety, Claims and Insurance Although workplace accidents and injuries can be costly for restaurants, taking steps to promote worker safety and reduce the number and severity of employee injuries can lower costs and improve employee morale and productivity. Across all businesses, every year, workers’ compensation costs typically dwarf those of other casualty […]

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Restaurant Employee Training: Faster, Better, and Cheaper Using New Technology

Over the years, effective employee training programs have helped many restaurants around the country raise their game. In addition to cutting down on accidents and worker injuries, training has helped improve employee productivity and retention, and enabled restaurants to earn higher marks in customer satisfaction. Yet, restaurant owners and managers have tried to find ways [...] Read On

Managing Employment Practices Liability Exposures – Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Restaurant

Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Restaurant Among the more than 80,000 lawsuits brought against employers in all industries in 2017 alone for discrimination, sexual harassment and other employment-related issues, are numerous high-profile incidents involving restaurants. Employment Lawsuits Can Debilitate Any Food Establishment For restaurants of any size, defending these lawsuits can be costly [...] Read On