6 Most Common Liability Issues at Your Bar

6 Most Common Liability Issues at Your Bar

Liabilities Present in Your Bar

A bar is an exciting establishment that serves as a common meeting place for friends and strangers surrounded by good drink. Aside from the regulars, bars attract a large amount of people throughout the year and are subject to some inevitable mishaps and situations. The possibility of legal action against your bar cannot be avoided, but having the right liability insurance can save you a lot of trouble. Here are some common liability issues you’ll want to be mindful of as a bar owner.

Drunk Drivers & DUIs

Alcohol is served at a bar. That’s what makes a bar the establishment that it is. Guests visit your bar to hang out with friends, rewind from a stressful workday and most importantly drink. Unfortunately, with the presence of alcohol comes the side effect of intoxication. An owner and his or her employees must be on guard for patrons who are way passed their limit. You won’t want the exposure of being “the bar where the drunk driver was at.” Take precaution to addressing visitors who are way too intoxicated and prevent them from getting a DUI or hurting someone in the process.

Broken Exit Signs

Another important bar liability is located right above the doorway. You want to ensure your exit signs are in visible sight and properly lit. Neglecting to regulate and maintain exit signs can result in a serious fine or further legal action. Avoid unsafe conditions and make sure your exit signs are in proper fashion in case of evacuation.

Fake ID’s & Underage Drinking

Serving a minor can result in heavy liability consequences and a possible loss of your liquor license. Make it public that alcohol is not served to minors in your bar and maintain a strict I.D. check policy. A visible sign will suffice to make your policies and cover your liability.

Patron Altercations

A bar is a fun place to get together but sometimes fights and altercations can occur. A common lawsuit filed against restaurants and bars regard injuries that occur from altercations from another guest or employee. It would be wise to have assault and battery insurance coverage in your bar, but another safe measure to take would be having a “hands off” policy. An employee cannot put their hands on a guest in any way, but if that guest refuses to leave then the police will be called. Train your employees to handle these situations calmly and effectively without escalating the issue.

Food Poisoning

Bars often serve food and tiny bites to go with their choice of drink, but that doesn’t mean events of food poisoning can’t occur. Comply with health regulations and uphold sanitation requirements with your employees. Control the quality of your food, keep your workspaces clean and make sure employees are washing their hands after using the bathroom.

Slips, Falls, & Injuries

A very common liability issue includes events of slips and falls from wet floors or injuries from bar activities. When mopping the floors make sure signs are posted in the effected areas so no one can say there was no warning of a dangerous surface. If your bar features a mechanical bull, darts, or other bar games, you want to make sure you have the right coverage in the event of injury. These activities do contain some relative danger and injuries can happen when they’re least expected.

Bar Liability Insurance with Restaurant Programs of America

Having liability insurance is just as important as whatever’s on tap behind the bar. Obtaining the appropriate insurance for liability coverage should be your first priority after opening a bar. Consider insurance coverage from Restaurant Programs of America for a full-service restaurant focused support. Learn more about RPA and our services by requesting a quote or contacting us at 866-577-7007.