5 Ways to Get Your Restaurant Ready for the Holidays

5 Ways to Get Your Restaurant Ready for the Holidays

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It’s that time of year again. The weather turns colder, we enter the first days of December, and people everywhere venture out to restaurants to gather with friends and loved ones. Restaurants are busier than ever with everyone feeling festive and ready to celebrate. From office parties to family get-togethers to friends new and old meeting up, there are countless occasions that restaurants need to be ready to accommodate. Check out our tips on how to get your restaurant ready for the holidays and set the tone to prosper in the New Year.

Show Some Holiday Spirit with Decorations

From twinkling lights to menorahs and red and green tinsel to Santa Claus, people love to come to a restaurant that is all decked out for the season. It’s the quickest way to spread holiday cheer and create a welcoming environment for your patrons. As long as you keep your decorations tasteful (no giant inflatable characters in the parking lot, please) you will attract new customers with your appealing display.

Offer Special New Dishes

How about a holiday creation to get customers in the door? Say you’re known far and wide for your homemade pastas. Try a seasonal variety, like butternut squash ravioli or pumpkin gnocchi, to create a buzz. Your loyal repeat customers will be delighted to try a new dish from their favorite neighborhood restaurant, and new patrons will be drawn in as well. You can also take advantage of an opportunity to make an extra profit when you add a pricier option to your menu. During the holidays, customers are usually willing to spend a bit more for a lavish meal. Holiday surf and turf, anyone?

Bolster Your Head Count

Nothing is worse for a restaurant’s business than having to turn away customers or make people wait too long for their meals due to being understaffed. Bulk up your wait staff and add a few line cooks if possible to ensure you are ready to go. When the crowds come, you’ll be thankful you have ample help to keep them satisfied. Keep in mind you will probably be serving many large parties, and having enough servers means the night will run smoothly for you and your guests.

Consider Valet Parking

If you don’t offer valet parking already, consider it for the holiday season. Patrons will appreciate being free from the stress of hunting for a parking spot. If you are in a city where parking is limited, consider speaking to nearby parking garages to work out special deals for customer parking.

Keep Your Team Happy

Don’t forget it’s the holidays for your employees as well. They work hard during this time of year and sacrifice time with their own families to give your customers a special evening. Boost morale and employee performance will subsequently follow when you show your team their hard work is valued. Treat them to a bonus like a gift card or special team meal. Having a holiday party or employee secret Santa can bolster team spirit and forge bonds between coworkers as well.

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