5 Potential Threats to Restaurants

5 Potential Threats to Restaurants

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There are plenty of uncertainties and variables in the restaurant industry today that cannot be denied or ignored. Whether you are trying to start a new restaurant or continue your established restaurant, you need to be able to identify potential threats to restaurants so that you can prevent them from affecting your business. In order to be ready for these potential threats to restaurants, let’s first identify what they are and how they threaten restaurants.

1) Similar Restaurant Competition

When there is competition in the same area as your restaurant, it is always going to compromise your business. This is especially true if these competitive restaurants offer similar food and services. In reality, there is room for everyone as long as you are aware of what makes your establishment unique and that you make sure to keep your loyal customers intact.

2) Low Minimum Wage

An ongoing argument amongst restaurant and food service workers is that they believe that the minimum wage should be raised for them. The wage earner believes that their skills are worth more than the minimum wage that they are typically earning and an increase can benefit themselves and the economy. It is a very important aspect of the restaurant business which can also be a threat. This is because the perception of how you treat your employees is important to the public, as you don’t want the perception of exploiting workers.

3) Food Prices On The Rise

In the food and restaurant industry one thing is for certain and that is the uncertainty of the prices within the industry. The prices don’t only affect the restaurant, but also the supplier, producer and the customers themselves. It may not be commonly known, but a huge factor for food prices are environmental factors. These environmental factors include droughts, floods, and over-fishing. Consumers who frequent your restaurant will not take kind to rising prices, especially because most of them don’t know or care to know the factors increasing the prices.

4) Economic Factors

It is obvious that when the economy is booming, so is the restaurant industry and the same goes for when the economy is tanking. This is because the restaurant industry relies on disposable income that citizens have and when the economy tanks, restaurants deteriorate because it is considered a luxury.

5) Healthier Choices For Customers

Customers of restaurants have become increasingly more aware of what they are putting into their body than ever before, and it is affecting some types of restaurants. They are starting to steer away from unhealthier types of restaurants to healthier types of restaurants. In order to hopefully combat this threat, you will need to listen to the customer’s demands and offer some sort of healthy options on the menu, even if you are typically an unhealthy place. Smart restaurant owners listen to who supplies them with money day in and day out.

Insurance Options for Restaurants

While these are all potential threats to restaurants, there are always more threats that you need to constantly be aware of as a restaurant owner or employee. In order to be prepared for other threats to restaurants you should equip your restaurant and employees with restaurant insurance programs. At Restaurant Programs of America, we can provide you with any insurance services you may need for your restaurant to keep it insured no matter what the threat may be. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how Restaurant Programs of America can protect your restaurant and employees.