4 Ways to Blow Your Customer Away with Your Service


Of course, the goal of every restaurant and bar is to exceed their guests’ expectations, but sometimes, saying that is much easier than actually doing it. In the chaos of running a busy establishment on a Friday night, it’s very simple to overlook minute things that will actually go a long way in impressing your customer. If you’re looking for a way to boost your service to the next level, check out these great tips on how to get there!

Empower Your Staff to Go the Extra Mile

Think about the hierarchy on your restaurant floor. Are servers able to provide a discount? Can one manager really visit every table throughout their meal? Give your staff the ability to treat every customer like a VIP when they enter your establishment. Little things like asking customers their names and addressing them by name add a personal touch to the dining experience.

Let the Kitchen Go Crazy

No, we don’t mean just let them do whatever they want. Rather, give your kitchen staff the freedom to create specials that they think will be a hit. After all, the kitchen staff knows better than anyone else what is selling and what is not, since they have a hand in sending every single dish out to customers. Let the kitchen team come up with some new flavors and combinations, and run them as specials for a weekend or a busy night during the week. Guests will love the surprise of seeing what the chefs come up with, and may begin to return regularly to see what’s in store the next week.

Get Feedback, and Act on It

Many times after a meal, customers are not interested in filling out a review card or visiting the website on the bottom of their receipt to answer a survey question. As a business owner, look for creative ways to get the customer to let you know how you did without forcing them to take a small standardized test or have to take out their phone at the table to look up a website. Incentivize reviews with free appetizers, drinks, or desserts, and you’ll see reviews and feedback begin to increase.

Find Influencers

It’s important to find a way to connect with customers on social media. One great way to is to find customers who regularly post pictures or comments about your restaurant, and make them part of your marketing plan. Invite them for menu tastings, special events, after hours staff parties, and allow them to give their followers an inside look at what your restaurant is really about. One of the best ways to fill your establishment through social media is to show others already having a blast with you. Fear of Missing Out(FOMO), is a very effective tool to use on social media.

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