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Franchisors and franchisees require specific insurance to protect their businesses. Whichever role you find yourself in, there are several reasons to consider a specific franchise insurance. As a business owner, you never want to see something bad happen to your business. Unfortunately, the bad things in life are never expected – which is why you should always be prepared for what is thrown your business’ way. Don’t let life’s surprises ruin everything you have built for your franchise. Instead, explore some of the benefits of a quality, yet affordable,  franchise insurance policy.

Top Reasons Your Franchise Business Needs Franchise Insurance


1. Better Coverage

Insurance is always better when it is specific to your business’ needs. While some insurance is better than no insurance, franchise insurance is catered toward the specific needs and processes of a franchise business. Franchise insurance covers aspects of your business that are not covered by a general insurance policy, which most franchise owners do not discover until it is too late. A franchise restaurant is unique from a typical restaurant when it comes to certain regulations and policies, so ensure both the franchisor and franchisee are protected adequately.

2. Risk Management and Protection

You obviously want to protect your investment. With franchise insurance, you are able to easily access risk management and protection for your business. Franchise insurance works to minimize risk in circumstances such as lawsuits and other disputes that occur within any business. General protections such as liquor liability and property insurance can be customized for each franchisee depending on their specific location and offerings, saving money for all involved parties.

3. Professional Advice

RPA has been in the restaurant industry for decades. When we work with franchises in developing an insurance policy, we provide unmatched professional advice. We are proud to help our clients in any way we can, confirming they receive a policy that covers exactly what they need – and nothing more or less. This is vital in keeping franchise insurance affordable while still maintaining the best coverage. When looking to take out a specific franchise insurance policy, inquire about the type of professional support you will receive.

4. Business Longevity

Franchise insurance is an easy precaution to take in safeguarding your business’ longevity. There are so many things that can cause a franchise to “go under”, but with franchise insurance, you are as protected as possible for a secure future.  Part of staying in businesses for years and years is investing in the proper coverage and not taking any shortcuts when it comes to your franchise business.

Inquire About Franchise Insurance Today

Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, it is time to secure the right insurance coverage today. Franchise insurance will make certain that you have better and more precise coverage than a general insurance policy, it will provide risk management and protection services, professional advice, and business longevity. Restaurant Programs of America is proud to offer franchise insurance to our valued customers across America. Contact us today to speak with a restaurant insurance professional in your area. We look forward to working together to protect your business.