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Looking to begin offering delivery for your business? Make sure you follow these tips to protect your business and your drivers!

Tips for Safe Delivery Driving

Protecting yourself and your business when it comes to the delivery services you offer should be high on your list of priorities. Delivery services are a great way to add some convenience for your customers and introduce a new stream of revenue. However, if you don’t follow certain precautions you may be putting your business at risk.

1. Hire Safe Drivers

Before hiring a delivery driver, you’ll want to make sure that they have a clean driving record. Look out for past speeding tickets and violations, and definitely do not hire someone with a history of DUIs or reckless driving. Bad drivers and drivers with poor records are a huge liability for your business. These drivers will represent your business and will have direct interaction with customers, so make sure you are properly vetting them as you would any waitress or staff member – if not more so!

2. Practice Food Safety

You may need to follow certain food safety protocols when offering delivery as a service. You never want to deliver food that is not the right temperature or that has been squashed while driving. Invest in proper bags and containers to keep food the correct temperature. The goal is for customers ordering delivery to get their meal exactly like they would at the restaurant, not half cold and ruined.

3. Secure Delivery Auto Insurance

This is an extremely important step that many restaurant businesses fail to take. Insurance for delivery drivers is of the utmost importance. The auto insurance will differ depending on if the vehicle is company owned or employee owned, and what the vehicle is being utilized to deliver. A comprehensive insurance plan will cover your employee and provide protection for your business in the unfortunate circumstance that there is an accident or problem.

Secure auto insurance for your delivery drivers with the help of RPA. Our experience in the restaurant industry allows us to help our clients ensure their business longevity and success. Contact us today to get started.