Checkroom Theft Insurance For Restaurants

In the cooler months of the year, or in areas where the climate regularly calls for a coat or jacket, many restaurants will offer a coat check to patrons that are dining at the restaurant that evening. It’s important for a restaurant to understand the risks associated with this service, as one missing coat could end up costing the establishment an entire evening’s profits. Under common law, an “innkeeper” is liable for the loss or damage to a guest’s property for the full value, unless the loss was caused by an act of nature, civil unrest, or the fault of the guests. Today, the general rule still exists, but states have placed a cap on the liability that the “innkeeper” may be held responsible for, typically in the 250 to 2,000 dollar range.

Restaurant Checkroom Theft Coverage

Since the laws regarding checkroom theft vary from state to state, it’s important to check with your local government to find out what type of liability your restaurant may be held to. Checkroom theft isn’t limited to someone actually going into the checkroom and stealing an arm full of coats. Many claims that RPA has filed for our clients stemmed from checkroom attendants giving the wrong coat to a guest, or mixing up ticket numbers causing a coat to be lost track of. In addition to the physical coat, laws also will place the blame on the “innkeeper” if any contents of the coat go missing, such as credit cards, keys, and other valuables. Checkroom theft insurance can be written on to your restaurant’s property insurance, and should be discussed with your RPA representative before contacting your insurance carrier to add the coverage. To learn more about if Checkroom Theft coverage is right for your restaurant, speak with a Restaurant Programs of America representative by calling us at 844-358-2296.

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