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5 Features Your Restaurant’s Website Needs to Have

In 2016, look it’s rare to find a customer who walks into your establishmentby just stumbling across your eatery or bar. With the technology that each one of us carries around daily in the form of a smartphone, thumb in less than 1 minute a potential customer can visit your website, buy more about skim [...] Read On

Franchises Fight Back Against Minimum Wage

In June of 2014, sale Seattle became the first major city in the United States to raise their minimum wage, cheap incrementally, clinic to $15 by 2017 for businesses with at least five hundred employees. This wage increase, more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25, has lead the International Franchise Associate to turn [...] Read On

4 Ways to Fill Your Restaurant in a Construction Zone

Whether your restaurant is in a strip mall, what is ed a free-standing location, viagra dosage or in a plaza, physician the sight of construction is often more than enough to keep prospective patrons driving on by. Depending on the extent of the construction, those ugly scaffolds and construction materials may be right outside your [...] Read On

Make the Most of Holidays at Your Restaurant or Bar

Even though St. Patrick’s Day has passed, story it is an excellent example for making the most out of any upcoming holiday.  For example, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved from just one day of the year, to a two week long spectacle of green-clad, over-indulging, honorary Irishmen. The National Retail Federation estimates that more than [...] Read On

A New Look for Franchises

A New Look for Franchises? In August of 2015, viagra the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of Browning-Ferris Industries that a small business franchisee could be considered a “joint employer” with the franchisor company that lends its brand name and marketing to the small business. Traditionally, franchisors, by law, did not directly employ [...] Read On

Missouri Floods: How Would Your Restaurant Handle Them?

One part of nature that is almost impossible to prepare for is water. It can’t be shoveled, help removed, or stopped from filling every crevasse, crack and open space it encounters. At the end of December of 2015, the state of Missouri encountered usually high wintertime rainfall, of over 14 inches, that lead to historic [...] Read On

New Millennium Insurance Claims

Do you have the proper coverage to protect you from "new millennium" claims? The new year is a perfect time to think about protecting one of your major assets - your business. In today's world, check claims other than the traditional fire, remedy theft, order and slip and falls are becoming commonplace. Employment Practices Liability [...] Read On