How to Avoid the Risks of a Pizza Delivery Driver

How to Avoid the Risks of a Pizza Delivery Driver

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Tips for Keeping Employees Safe on the Job

Delivering pizza is truly an underestimated job. While it might just be stereotyped as a part-time gig for high school kids and college students, a lot more effort goes into the role than meets the eye. Driving on the road safely, making sure the delivery gets to each person on time, utilizing excellent customer service and pursuing time management are some of the many skills needed to be an excellent worker. The most neglected element of the job, though, has to do with the potential risks that a pizza delivery driver can encounter. If you’re an employer of a pizza delivery driver, use these tips to avoid any and all threats to keep yourselves – and your business – safe.

Confirm That Drivers Have Personal Auto Insurance

Owners of a pizza delivery business should always make it a point to carry a non-owned auto liability policy, which protects employers in the event that a delivery driver’s personal auto insurance denies coverage, or does not afford the proper amount of coverage needed, upon getting into an accident or damaging someone else’s property. However, not every single pizza delivery driver has their own personal automotive insurance, which poses a huge threat to the owner of the business. In order to ensure that a pizza delivery driver has up-to-date auto insurance of their own, employers should keep proof of each person’s insurance on file to check back for expiration dates and changes; periodically request an updated proof of insurance from each driver, at random; and double check that the delivery driver’s auto insurance does not exclude delivery drivers from their policy.

Write a Policy for Distracted Driving Prevention

When it comes to car accidents, the best method is prevention – especially in the instances where it can be easily avoided. To reduce the risk of your pizza delivery drivers getting into a serious accident while out for a delivery, create and implement a written distracted driving policy that they must read and sign before becoming an employee at your business. Be sure that the contract you create covers acceptable cell phone use; uses language that bans texting, calling, e-mailing and any other type of communication device while driving; and states that any car accidents occurring during work hours will be deemed preventable, so that the driver can receive proper disciplinary action. Most importantly, the distracted driving policy should emphasize that holding, reaching, dialing and texting on a phone while driving is not tolerated at any time.

Review Best Delivery Practices Before They Leave  

A quick refresher course is the best way for business owners to remind their pizza delivery drivers of company policy, standards and overall best practices. Have a weekly staff meeting with the pizza delivery drivers to outline all the rules, and keep everyone up to date – a sure way to keep employees performing at their very best, leaving little to no room for risks or threats. Gently remind the drivers that their estimated delivery times are not guaranteed, and to always check the weather forecast for any upcoming hazards and potential road conditions prior to leaving for a delivery. During these weekly meetings, or right before an employee leaves for a delivery, always make sure that the driver is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that driving with another passenger is strictly prohibited. Additionally, always make sure that their vehicle is in good operating condition.

Purchase an Invaluable Pizza Delivery Insurance Program

Restaurant owners who provide their customers with a pizza delivery service should always be aware of the possible threats that could occur on the job. Consulting a professional to invest in proper risk management is the best possible way to avoid any mishaps, troublesome legalities and unnecessary financial burdens. If you own a pizza delivery service and would like to find out more information, contact Restaurant Programs of America by calling 866-324-1099 . A full-service insurance agency focused solely on the restaurant industry, RPA’s services will not only strengthen the pizza delivery risks against claims, but also reduce your pizza delivery insurance costs as a whole.

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