4 Benefits of Valet Parking for Your Restaurant

4 Benefits of Valet Parking for Your Restaurant

Elevate the Status of Your Restaurant Without Breaking the Bank

Proven by the recent growth in the parking management industry, valet parking has become quite the desired service among restaurants throughout the country. It’s not an expensive addition to provide, and you don’t have to be considered a five-star establishment to have it – so naturally, restaurant owners everywhere are considering the service for their own eateries. If you’re looking to acquire valet parking for your business, let these four amazing benefits persuade you even more:

1.     Troublesome parking will never turn customers away.

When a customer drives to a restaurant on an empty stomach – with high hopes for being seated at a table right away – and arrives to a parking lot filled with cars, they won’t like the thought of driving around for ten to twenty minutes in search of an empty space. This is especially true if there are other restaurants nearby with more available parking, since they can just drive over there, park and eat their meal that much sooner. When your restaurant offers valet parking, customers will never have to wait for a parking space, and in turn, it will significantly lessen the chances of anyone turning away to go somewhere else for their outing.

2.     Your restaurant’s image will improve.

Being able to outshine your competition is a large component of success in the restaurant industry, as restaurant owners who serve up similar cuisine to other nearby establishments can attest to. Providing a valet parking service is truly an easy way to set your restaurant apart from the crowd, and give it an extreme advantage over other eateries nearby. Even if your restaurant typically caters to an average, middle-class demographic, having valet parking will definitely make your restaurant appear more attractive to other upper-class customers. After all, the act of valet parking itself is associated with sophistication and class. With this new parking service also comes a new reputation, and your restaurant will soon be branded as an even more respected, impressive place to dine than it was before.

3.     It’s an inexpensive service.

Although it may not appear so, valet parking is not a financially draining service to purchase for your restaurant. In fact, one of the main reasons so many restaurants nationwide are getting on board with the trend is because valet parking is paid for mainly by your restaurant’s customers, since business owners are able to decide on the fees for the valet parking service. Aside from this important factor, customers – who are more than willing to pay for the convenient service – generally tip the valet drivers. This is yet another way an owner can decrease the amount of wages the hired driving staff is paid.

4.     It creates an easy way to leave a good first impression.

First impressions are the most important, and a simple way to make a good one is by investing in valet parking for your restaurant. When a customer is greeted by a kind and helpful valet driver to take the burden of parking off their hands, it’s almost impossible not to feel instantly welcomed upon arrival. Doubled with the reassuring thought that their car has been kept safe and sound throughout the entirety of their meal – especially in a more urban area, where vandalism and crime rates are higher than average – valet parking is also just as appreciated when a customer’s meal is over, and they are getting ready to leave your establishment. They will positively associate the advantages of the valet parking with your restaurant, making for a much higher rating.

Get Valet Insurance for Your Restaurant Today  

Whether you own a franchise or a mom-and-pop establishment, investing in valet parking is the right choice for your restaurant for many reasons. If you’ve already gotten on board with the service, Restaurant Programs of America can provide you with outstanding valet insurance. Having RPA’s valet insurance will give make you feel that much better every time a valet staff takes your customer’s car, and puts the idea of a lawsuit to rest. Contact RPA’s office by calling 866-324-1099 for more information.

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